BMW is by far the most popular brand of vehicle we sell products for. I think we have sold something for just about every BMW made in the last 20 years. This is a small fraction of those vehicles...

We'll start off with the oldest, this BMW E36 328i in Slovakia. We installed PB Coilovers on this vehicle, along with a front 304mm 4-pot PB brake kit with slotted rotors, red powder coated calipers, and limited 'PB Performance' logo. It's a nice clean example of a modern classic.

Next up we have a BMW E39 5-series. We installed a front 356mm 8-pot and rear 330mm 6-pot setup on this car, with black anodized calipers, without logos, and drilled+slotted rotors.

The most popular brake kit we sell for any brand of car is for the BMW E46 M3. There are just too many photos to choose from, but I think this is one of the best. It's a front 380mm 8-pot kit with gold anodized calipers, without logos ('M' logo added by customer, not us), and straight slotted rotors. They fit behind the BBS rims with millimetre accuracy.

Here we have a BMW E60 M5 in Japan, slammed to the ground with PB Coilovers.

Another BMW running PB Coilovers with camber adjustable pillowball mounts, an E63 6-Series in the UK.

Next up we have this pristine white BMW E92 M3 running a front 380mm 8-pot and rear 356mm 6-pot setup, with white powder coated calipers (logo free), and drilled+slotted fixed rotors.

Here's an intersting one, not something you see everyday. A BMW E65 7-Series in Sweden with snow camo decals! This car has also been slammed with PB Coilovers.


Now we get to the bigger stuff! This is BMW E53 X5 with our front 380mm 8-pot and rear 356mm 6-pot combination. Yellow powder coated calipers with 'PB' logos and drilled+slotted rotors.

Then we have the newer model BMW E70 X5. We installed our largest 405mm big 8-pot on this vehicle, although with the monster 22" wheels the brakes did look a little lost. Fortunately we will be releasing a tank-stopping 430mm big 6-pot kit in the next few months!

Finally we rear the 2-seater sport cars. First up is this BMW E86 Z4 soft top with our front 330mm 6-pot kit. This customer went for gold anodized calipers with PB-6 logo, and again drilled+slotted rotors (I'm starting to see a pattern emerging!).

Last but not least, the more recent BMW E89 Z4 hard top. If I remember correctly this car is in Chile. It's a front 380mm 8-pot and rear 356mm 6-pot setup with gold calipers and of course, drilled+slotted rotors!