The BMW X5 is one of our most popular brake kit applications, for both the E53 and E70 models. This particular car is an E53 with a full front and rear conversion; a front 405mm big 8-pot and rear 380mm big 6-pot setup, with floating rotors and powder coated calipers all-round.

With the E53 weighing over 2 tonnes the stock brakes are fairly large, with front 2-pot and rear 1-pot slider calipers that have decent sized pistons. However, there is always room for improvement, and once you swap larger wheels the brakes start to look a little lost in there.

Compared to stock braking, this setup will allow you about 60% extra torque which greatly reduces stopping distances. Not to mention the benefits when it comes to brake fade, with our vented rotors and high-temp pads this will be all but eleminated.

The total price for that setup is as follows...

Front 405mm big 8-pot - GBP1349

Rear 380mm big 6-pot - GBP1099

F/R floating rotors         - GBP500

F/R powder coating      - GBP160

Total                               = GBP3108 + shipping

Front BMW E53 kits:

Rear BMW E53 kits:

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