Our race team 'Legacy Tuning Club' organise a huge meet in Taiwan once a year where Subuaru fans from all over the country come to show off their pride's and joy's. I must say I have never seen so many Subaru's congrigated in the same area before, and I didn't realise there were even that many in the whole country. Around 300 vehicles joined, 70% Legacy's, and the remaining 30% Impreza's and Forester's. As you can see from the photo below it was quite a sight!


After browsing through the ocean of Subaru loveliness it was time for lunch, your typical Taiwan banquet, of which around about 50% is edible and the remaining 50% doesn't exactly agree with the British palate (or stomach for that matter). However it was free, and we're not ones to turn down a free meal!



Lunch taken care of, it was time to hit the Taiwan Beer, Taiwan's premium alcoholic beverage. Unfortunately I was driving, therefore unable to partake in enjoying the golden nectar we have become accustomed to over the years. Nick, on the other hand pumped as much of the 4.5% sparkling goodness down his throat as possible.



Sufficiently fed and watered, we got to work on preparing the car for the impending gymkhana competition. This involved removing the silencer from the exhaust and turning up the damping to 30 clicks, the hardest setting. It was as simple as that!

There were only 50 places available for the competition, and unaware that we were supposed to arrive early to get a spot, by the time I tried to register all 50 places had already been filled. However, as we are part of the LTC Racing team they still let us join but we wouldn't be eligible for any trophies. Here's a picture of the layout we had to remember...



We actually messed up the first run because I missed one of the cones, but not to worry, everyone was allowed a second chance. The 2nd run went smoothly, and we finished with a time of 42 point something seconds. That was fast enough to earn us a third place finish out of 51 cars, not too shabby! Here is a video of the actual run itself...

Hopefully they organise more gymkhana competitions in Taiwan, it's the perfect motorsport considering the lack of free space in Taiwan. I guess that's why drifting is popular here, all you need is a car park and a few cones. Another advantage is the cost; it's very expensive to take your car on an actual race track in Taiwan, so only the well-off can afford it. Gymkhana on the other hand, is a motorsport everybody can enjoy!

So that pretty much sums it up. A great day out spent with 500+ people who all share the same interest.... SUBARU!!!