After almost a year's absence from Time Attack and no OTGP until November, I was itching for a some track time so we had a go at the SRCC Time Attack Rd.2 at Penbay circuit in the south of Taiwan.

Conditions were absolutely shocking for Saturday afternoon practice. Torrential rain, combined with fading daylight and 33 cars on a short 3.6km track, made for a rather hairy 25-minute session. The disparity between the lap times of the fastest and slowest cars was pretty rediculous so it was nigh on impossible to get a clean lap in before hitting traffic. Despite this we did a 2:21 which was fastest in class and 2nd fastest overall behind a Nissan GTR.

Conditions improved on Sunday and the track was 90% dry by the time we started our morning session, although still very green and very greasy. The trend continued and we once again finished first in class and second overall with a 2:08 lap.

The weather took a turn for the worse in the second and final session and the race schedule slipped further back as it normally does with so many different races throughout the day. So the headlights were on again with light rain coming down. Lap times were down 3 seconds on the morning session so the 2:08 won us a first place trophy.