Presenting our eagerly awaited patented electronic line lock system. This system has been designed to work with vehicles that have replaced the traditional handbrake cable with an electonic motor and fly-by-wire control unit.

The system is a direct replacement for the OEM part, and requires no modification for installation. As you can see from the pictures below, the line lock slots onto the OEM handbrake motor, and is secured in place by our caliper brackets.

The unit has two brake lines connected to it - one receiving brake fluid from the master cylinder, and other sending fluid to the brake caliper. When you apply the handbrake the valve closes, forcing brake fluid to the caliper under pressure, which causes the pistons to extend and lock the disc in place.



So far we have adapted the system to fit the Audi A5, Audi S5, and BWW F10 (inc. F11 and F18), and are working to add more applications as soon as we can. The price is £350 in addition to a rear brake kit.

Here are the links to the currently available applications...