One problem that holds people back from installing rear brake kits on cars that have an e-brake rather than a handbrake drum is the parking brake function. Most brands of brake kits on the market don't have a solution for this, so the parking brake will no longer function. Fortunately PB has the answer in the form of our patented line lock system.

If you have one of the following vehicles, then you don't need to worry about losing your handbrake anymore...

Audi A3, A4, TT, S3, S4

Mini Cooper R50, R52, R53, R55, R56, R57, R58

Ford Focus, Mondeo, Tierra, C-Max

Honda Civic, Fit, Jazz, Accord, Integra

Mazda 3, 5, 6, RX-6, Premacy

Opel Astra, Vectra

Seat Ibiza, Leon, Alhambra

Skoda Octavia, Suberb

VW Beetle, Golf, Passat, Jetta, Bora, Corrado

Volvo C30, C70, V50, V70, XC70

And many more......

The concept is very simple, and works in much the same way as OEM caliper line locks operate. The line lock modules come attached to our caliper mounting brackets, so you don't need to mess around finding a place to mount them. The line lock and bracket assembly mount onto the vehicle hub with 2 bolts only, just like any other rear brake kit.

Once you have them mounted it's simply a case of connecting the OEM handbrake cable to the lever on the line lock, and adjusting the threaded bolt until the cable is tight when the handbrake is disengaged. Then all you have to do is bleed the line lock modules in the same way you would the calipers and you're ready to go.

Now when you apply the handbrake the pistons on our rear calipers will extend and lock in place. They do not lose pressure like other handbrake solutions, and allow enough braking force for rally and drifting applications where handbrake turns are necessary.

Here's a photo of one of our systems installed on a Ford Focus RS Mk2...

The price for each set of 2 line locks is GBP100 in addition to the rear kit price. The option to add them to your order will appear on application listings that require them, such as this one...