After years of development and testing, we are proud to announce the arival of our 2-way adjustable race spec coilover kits!

PB race spec coilover kits are designed to offer a great balance between fast road and circuit use. Perfect for track day enthusiasts who want a kit that is forgiving enough for everyday road use, but provides various adjustment options that can be dialed in before hitting the track.

Race spec coilover kits are fully height adjustable, allowing a drop of 50mm. External reservoirs provide 2-way bump and rebound damping separate adjustment (33 clicks each), whilst increased oil capacity improves heat disipation for stable handling in extreme race environments.

We have several different kinds of top mount available, depending on the application. These range from rubber joint steel mounts, to camber adjustable pillowball mounts. Please see the individual product listings for the full mount specs and spring rates.

As with all of our products, every application is the same price, which is £999 plus shipping. We don't charge extra for high-end vehicles. This really is outstanding value!

For mroe information and our full list of applications please follow the link below...